Thursday, December 28, 2006

Friend and Pho

No, Kyoko is not demonstrating the latest advertised sneeze technique, she's trying to hide from the camera.

Today's outing was to a local Pho restaurant, Vietnamese food, located on Gerrard just east of Broadview. Originally we were supposed to meet up with Rick but he had a cold. The day had started off with Kyoko dropping by with her new laptop. The goal was to install virus software and to see if it worked on the wireless network. Check on both counts.

Taking the Streetcar down to Broadview and Gerrard also had two purposes. The first was to eat lunch and the second was to visit my cousin at Carbon Computing to pick up a $5.00 laser mouse, a left over deal from Boxing day.

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Zee said...

I like the mean look in the almost hidden eyes. Good job.