Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All roads lead to London

Alan Joson meets me for a late lunch

At times there are a string of events that occur that seem too strange to just be a random coincidence. It's like a light turning red at the intersection you were crossing. You stop, glance down at your shoes, to find you're standing on a five dollar bill. Had the light been green you would have just walked over it.

The first model shoot I did was kind of like that. The model had just flew in from L.A. and called to see if I wanted to do a shoot. The weird thing was that the day before I had met a make up artist and a person who offered me a location to shoot at. Within three days all the logistics of photographing a model shoot came to fruition.

My friend Emmanuel goes into more detail with these so called synchronicities in his blog (tip #23). However, as a person who is a bit weary of luck good and coincidental flukes leading to good fortune, I have to take a step back to analyze my surroundings.

I had gotten a phone call from Alan about a week ago. He wanted to pick my brain but didn't want to do it at that particular moment but rather over lunch. As it turns out he wanted to pick my brain about going to shoot London Fashion week, an event a week ago I hadn't given much thought. There were a lot of hurdles. A) getting my lenses fixed in time, B) Getting my passport, C) Getting a sponsor or money, D) a reason to go (I've shot fashion week twice before. What reason would there be to go back? Something I hadn't already shot.)

Since last week my lenses have been returned to me repaired and ready to go. I've applied for my passport which should be ready for pick up on the 29th. Andrew Majtenyi is going to be showing on his first catwalk in London in the Canadian consulate (which would be a nice venue to photograph), Angie is visiting London, Alan is talking about going to London Fashion week, and
I found my jar of British Sterling from my last trip. Reasons A, B, and D are checked now all I require is C to be checked off the list. Well, there's still just over three weeks...

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