Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breakfast at Sadie's

Sadie's Diner at 7:30am sharp.

It's 6:45am I'm off across town for breakfast. It's kind of crazy to wake up early in the morning to go across town just to get some grub. Actually it's crazy just to wake up early in the morning. Today I had woken up later than yesterday. It was about 5:30am. I turned on the computer and noticed Al (on facebook) was going to be at the restaurant first thing.

At the restaurant.

I haven't seen Al in quite some time and Sadie's makes the best Western sandwiches that I know of. Add to this that the restaurant is vegetarian. I thought it was about time I had some decent semi-healthy food for a change. This past Christmas I'd been stuffing myself with food (of all sorts) some good some bad but mostly bad for you. Or maybe not bad for you in the sense of this item contains trans fats but bad for you in the sense of you're eating THAT much... woah! Slow down there.

Al and Eve.

In the last month (possibly just since Christmas) I've gained 12 pounds. I'm not your typical weight watcher checking the scale everyday so I'm not exactly sure when all thius started happening but I'm sure it started with the Christmas roast.

For Christmas I was invited to Kyoko's (my now landlord) sister's place for dinner. There Michi cooked up an incredible, succulent 10 pound roast for the eight of us. I had seconds because it was so good, not because my first helping was small. Not at all. My first slab of roast was hanging over the side of my plate. Then there was the potatoes and veggie food (yes, even a mother would be happy).

My toasted western sandwich.

From Christmas on it seemed like I was visiting other people or meeting up with them to eat food. Today was pretty much no exception. I was going to Sadie's to say "Hi" to Al and eat food. In the end I ordered a plate of blueberry buckwheat pancakes and a western. The western comes with fries the pancakes came with veggie sausages.


For more info (including a menu) you can check out the official myspace page

I highly recommend the western sandwich.

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