Saturday, January 12, 2008

Into the Unknown

Lisa's health centre located at 1166 St. Clair (on the north west corner of Dufferin)

My friend Lisa opened a studio for things like yoga, pilates, shiatsu, acupuncture, homeopath, and even has a counselling psycotherpist. I went to the open house to show support and to visit an old friend.

As with any busy open houses Lisa was busy organizing people, answering questions, so I ended up talking to the various instructors and other people who wandered in. It was good exercise in small talk and developing ones social skills. I figured worse case scenario I'd say "Hi" to Lisa and leave.

Katarzyna, one of the dance instructors.

I was once told that there's fear in the unknown which may result in feeling nervous, awkward, or even uncomfortable. The trick then is to throw yourself into as many unknown situations as possible. This results into the unknown becoming a known and in the end you feeling more comfortable. It's one of those "Wow that seems just crazy enough to work" ideas.

I ended up staying for about two and a half hours talking and meeting various people who in the end were quite interesting. I'll have to go out into the unknown more often.

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Anonymous said...

I have already thought you venture into many "unknowns" already...your social network is H U G E !!!!