Saturday, January 05, 2008


The new C-4 energy drink.

Tonight I covered another Simon Mah event at Chalkers (a pool hall, restaurant, pub). It was a duo autograph signing session and product launch for C-4. Like any product launch there's always the good looking people that are passing out the drinks and interacting with the crowd.

The challenge of shooting events is getting the shots while being crammed in by people or trying to get from one side of the room to the other to get the various shots. As a photographer you don't want to bulldoze your way through the crowd especially if you have to constantly go back and forth.

There are some photographers that will do that as well as stick their camera up in your line of sight. These would be your stereotypical paparazzis. Generally they have no photo etiquette. While I don't condone this method of photography I can understand why they do that. One picture can be worth a few hundred or more dollars. The difference between paying your rent and starving.

This event wasn't too bad in that regard. Most of the photographers know each other and are pretty good about being mindful of other people in the room.

The C-4 t-shirt front...

...and back.

Playboy playmate Tailor James with Simon Mah

Playboy playmate Christina Cruise.

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