Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From VIDEO assist to FASHION assist

Setting monitors using color bars.

My day started off attending a course held by TellaVision, an introduction to Video Assist. While it's not my intention to want to do video assist... ever, I did want to play around with the hardware involved as it helps when doing 24 frame playback and having an overall tech skill set. It was a nice introduction/rehash of stuff I already knew but never really did anything with on a regular basis. (Including how to set a monitor using color bars - see photo).

The class lasted the morning and finished around 3:30pm. Not bad for a $50 course fee and that includes lunch. After that I hopped onto the TTC to go to Josie's place where Robert was helping Andrew by cutting fabric from designed patterns. He needed a bit of help so I volunteered.

I was to help cut the fabric. It seems like an easy job cutting around stencils attached to fabric by pins. I am not a tailor and if I ever become one I'll need a lot of work getting there. My scissor technique was quite bad. I ended up tracing outlines around the stencils with chalk so that Robert could cut the fabric later.

Robert cuts fabric for Andrew's clothing line.

Working away into the wee hours of the night.

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