Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Into the Wii of the night

The Nintendo remote with protective skin.

Got up at 2am this morning, a schedule that my cousin Dave might think was normal. There's not a lot to do at 2am. At least not a lot an unmotivated person would do. I thought about cleaning for a split second but that went out the window as I didn't want to wake anyone else up with all the moving things around.

Instead I fired up the Wii and played the Mario Party 8 game. Kind of sad really playing a party game meant for four by oneself. After a bit of board game fun I checked out the Wii message board to see just how long I played (you can do that). That's when I noticed an email from Nintendo sent to me on the 3rd.

Upon opening the letter I found out that Nintendo is offering free sleeves for the Wii remote. Apparently people have been throwing them into TV screens or smashing the remote into walls and other solid things destroying both the remotes and the item they were thrown at. (see Wii have a problem) as well as suffering from injuries. Just how crazy are these players?

The third remote that I picked up after Christmas actually had one of these sleeves (see photo above). I spent some time looking on the Nintendo site for the sleeve press release and where I could order some for the remotes that didn't come with any. (click here for North America)

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