Thursday, January 24, 2008

Darryl the guinea pig

Kyoko, Eric, and Darryl chat in the kitchen

In my attempt to cook my super secret recipe of chicken with maple frosted flakes without the maple frosted flakes I realized that using "substitute" ingredients might be a bit dodgy. I needed a guinea pig. Darryl would be that guinea pig.

While the main goal is not to poison the subject but to test to see if the food is good. It's good to pick a victim... er test sampler that has modest taste expecations and zero or very low negative results. For example. You don't cook an experimental dish for someone you just started dating unless they've never eaten before or you don't want to see them again.

With Darryl he either eats the food or doesn't. There's no emotional attachment and you can always suggest going out to eat in a worse case scenario. Well I suppose the worse case scenario is that you suggest eating out after getting him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped at which point you may want to suggest take out so he can eat the next day. See what are friends for?

The chicken tasted okay. After seeing Darryl bite into the food and not keel over I figured it was okay to try some myself. It wasn't bad but the corn flakes were a little on the soggy side for my liking. Next time I'll have to take the lid off the casserole dish for the last few minutes of cooking. Did I say corn flakes? Yes, I used regular corn flakes instead of the maple frosted ones.

In other news, Today I booked my plane ticket to London. More on this in an upcoming blog entry.

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