Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HTtrack that blog

Today's view outside.

Day two of the new year and I'm still feeling under the weather. Stupid cold.I've been trying to back up my blog (yes, this one) using a program called HTTrack. It seems to be working but is downloading way too much. The software has been spidering through my blog for the last five days. Downloading gigabytes worth of data. Something is wrong here as my original source directory for all the images before shrinking them and putting them on the web is smaller in bytes then all the data collected, as in it's 10% the size of all the data collected. I don't write that much for text to take up all that space. What's going on? More investigation and experimentation required.

On the movie side of things I watched "Tomb Raider, the cradle of life" with in the comfort of my blanket cocoon in bed. Comparing it to the Indiana Jones series I've come to a conclusion. Things that have been lost and hidden in secrecy for hundreds of years should not be found or bad things happen. In movies at any rate. In real life, much like anything in real life compared with movies, it's different.

A few weeks ago, during the move, I found a box I had taped shut 15 years ago. 1992!!! I know this from the contents in the box. The meaning of this has to be clearly stressed. I had been travelling around with a box from place to place (and I've moved eight times in those years) without opening the box! Kind of like lugging around and storing a time capsule only with no digging.

The only reason I had found the box is that I had to move it to the next location. It was buried under and with other boxes not really worth mentioning. At least not worth mentioning for at least another ten years, the time it'll take for me to forget what's in them as well. Hopefully it will not come to that.

I opened the box and along with some Star Trek novels1 and tech manuals there were two things of note. My old TI-74 calculator and all my thesis notes in a nice 6 inch yellow binder. It was kind of a magical experience. I flipped through the notebook like it was some old manuscript from some mummy's tomb. In it were all my notes on the logistics of a 3D rendering program. Breaking down and storage of polygons in 3D space, cross product, dot product and other vector calculations, sorting algorithms. All kinds of really well thought out stuff. I would have thought the person writing it was someone else, a genius someone else, if it wasn't for the fact that it was all in my own hand writing. Hand writing all done with a four color Bic pen.

So yes, in real life sometimes finding things have a happy outcome and do not always result with some guy melting and dying.

My I'm sick and lying in bed POV

HTtrack had sucked up all my laptop internet resources. Since I didn't want to stop the program I ended up taking out the Wii. Originally to keep myself occupied playing games but then later on I remembered you could hook it up to your wireless network and surf the web and internet.

A bit later on in the evening while going out to buy groceries, I for some reason, ended up at Gerrard Square (mall) and the local EB games (store). One of the new games on the shelf was Tomb Raider (the anniversary edition) . I ended up buying it based on reminiscing value of playing the first game (now over ten years ago) and the movie I had just watched.

The game is great and takes advantage of the Wii remote very well, unlike Bust-a-move, and super monkey ball. Plus with today's advanced technology they've allocated more polygons to Lara... I won't go into any more details, you get the idea.

1 I'm not sure what's more surprising to you blog readers, me reading Star Trek novels, or me just reading.

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