Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Day the Shutter Stood Still

The Scandal Scouts

Tonight I covered the Pride party, an event to kick off Pride week here in Toronto. Well almost covered it. The fancy scmancy event would have been covered in full had my camera not stopped working. Yes my Nikon D70 shutter died somewhere inbetween shooting our Premiere (of the province) and the B- girls.

Rex Harrison

I couldn't believe it. The camera didn't knock something, get immersed in water, or get hit by lightning. It just stopped working. Luckily it's still under it's two year warranty.

David Miller, Mayor of Toronto

When I brought the camera into Nikon and told the guy behind the counter I took about a half million pictures with it. He seemed to be surprised that the camera could take that many shots. Of course the conversation was followed up by the "You should be using a camera of higher quality" blurb.

As stated before, I was a little pissed off that the camera was designed so "poorly". Then again I thought how many shots I would have taken with my film camera. Half a million shots? No probably not. At least not without bringing it in for some repairs or at least a tune up. In hindsight it could have been a lot worse. The camera could have conked out in Montreal or on a studio shoot. Now we know why the union, in this case IATSE667, requires an on set photographer to have two camera bodies.

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