Saturday, June 10, 2006

Montreal - HLAP second edition

Across the street from SAT is this lot.

Darryl and I show up to the SAT building only to find no one there.

Darryl on some random street in old Montreal

Andrew and Josie make Darryl and I lunch.

The layout of SAT.

Scrambled porn is used as a background for writing messages to be broadcast on the various projection screens at the party.

Some of the girls that dressed up.

Darryl's female fan club.

Monica and Natasha strike a pose.

"Tennis Anyone?"

Alex and a Betty Page look alike decide tennis is not their thing and dance.

Dinner at Crepe Way at 4:00am.


Anonymous said...

Montreal? Bagelhot, you get around.

Zee said...

Can Darryl get any more exposure at Bagelhot? The guy is like the Tom Cruise of this site.

BagelHot said...

Tom cruise without the jumping up and down on the couch.