Friday, June 16, 2006

Hey DJ

DJ Cassano spins

After Charlotte's birthday gathering for food, a bunch of us made our way down to Stone, a bar-ish place on Queen just west of Dufferin. It was there that a friend, Serge Cassano, was DJing. Elaine, who I found out was Ryan's sister (small world) was also taking her turn at the turn table.

Real records! You don't see that much anymore. The music was a 60s motown type of feel. It was pretty hard to keep a conversation in the place but I managed to say hello to a few people I hadn't seen it quite some time before leaving.

Elaine Banks DJs a portion of the night

Erin Dances

Party-goers winding down


Anonymous said...

Good grief Charlie Brown! You've updated your blog to June 16th! You have been busy, busy, busy! I wish my life was that exciting!

Anonymous said...

I see, and listen to, real records every day. It's the only way to find the music I like. I'm listening to a record right this second...