Saturday, June 24, 2006

Trip to Welland

Andrew drives while I snooze in the back of the car.

Saturday, and other fun filled outing with Andrew and Josie. This time to Welland Ontario, Crystal Beach and the Merrittville speedway. The speedway was celebrating it's 55 anniversary.

The cannonball at Crystal beach

Bringing a camera to the beach seems to scare me more than I can say. Perhaps this is due to frying the motherboard of my Nikon 990 a few years back while standing in a slight drizzle. Imagine dropping the D200 into the water. That would suck.

It's times like this where I could really justify buying a water proof case for the camera. More so than a blimp. (A blimp is an enclosure for the camera that muffles the sound - you are required to own a blimp as an on set photographer - and at some point I'll have to buy one). The water proof case made by Ikelite is good to 200 feet down and costs a mere 1500.00 US dollars. Sheesh.

The Shoe Tree

Next to a gravel road we stopped by this tree with the shoes. Instead of being "shoed" away we stopped the car to specifically get out and take pictures of it. Some of the shoes were pretty high up. I wondered if someone actually came out with a ladder with the express purpose of attaching a shoe. Odd. Very odd.

The 55th Anniversary of the Merrittville Speedway

Andrew's friend reluctantly comes out and becomes the winner of the 50/50 draw and $1755.

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