Sunday, June 18, 2006

Might as well Jump

Darell R. Wambolt gets pretty good air as he skips rope to high energy music.

Today at FAME I witnessed something truly stupendous. Without any overhead announcement Darell got up on stage and started a skip rope routine. Sure that may not sound very exciting or even remotely interesting.

Try skipping rope while doing gymnastics. Add to this the rope skipper can jump right over you while you're standing up! Holy cow!

Hi-tech jump rope for kids, adults, beginners and "experts".

After the demo on stage I went to check out the booth. It was there that I found a bunch of skipping ropes made from some space age material that prevents getting tangled while skipping. Another feature was the rope was specially designed to be responsive to the slightest hand motion from the skipper. For the skipping impaired Ropenotixx sold an instructional DVD for a mere $25.

Yes, way back when, I was that kid that got tangled in the rope and had the ability to trip myself. Since I was pretty uncoordinated I was usually the one relegated to spinning the rope for others. That or I was shooed away so as to not cause injury to others. This would happen if trying to skip in pairs, the evil double dutch. A dark time indeed.

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