Friday, June 16, 2006

Walking Up Yonge Street

Peter Jarvis at the Eaton Centre

I had a bunch of things to do today so I found myself walking around yonge street and stopping by the various familiar haunts. Darryl's new office, CCBC (a place that sells CDs and other recordable media), Mountain Equipment co-op, the Eaton Centre (and Leanna our favorite Lancomb sales girl), and finally Monster Records.

Dave and Terrance relax while the boss is away

As it turns out Roger, the local propriator, wasn't in. He was replaced by Dave and Terrance (see photo above).


Anonymous said...

Darryl has a new office? Where is it? Is this for Hard Liquor & P_rn? or is it a new job office?

Cupcake said...

Darryl has an office space? I'm with Kyoko, pictures please.