Sunday, June 11, 2006

Montreal - Day 5

The Hotel/Student Residence - one last look

Looking up at the buildings just outside train station.

A cyclist riding down Saint Urban

Charlotte waits for Gudrun to park the van.

Linda trades her GAP sweater with Nancy Nisbet
(see for more info).

Liz shows her trade - a rock concert.

Liz's Rock Concert up close.

Louise Lever, exchange student from New Zealand

Origami Monkey

The very place I bought bagels that contributed to the BagelHot legend.

Inside the Fairmount bagel bakery.

Pierce and friends from Kitchener, Ontario outside the Fairmount bagel factory.

Hazy day looking from Mount Royal down to the stadium.


Zee said...

Camera died huh? What do you expect from the inferior quality of Nikon? Should have bought a Canon.

BagelHot said...

The plus side is that it's still under warranty. The nikon guy behind the counter seemed amazed that it lasted the half million pictures. How many pictures could you take with a film camera before you had to get it tuned up I wonder?

The D200 brochure states that the shutter is tested for 100 thousand shots.

To Zee: Speaking of Canon... have you even used that thing lately?

Anonymous said...

It's not how many, but how good... but I'd like to say in favour of film - I have never, ever lost a picture opportunity because of dead batteries with my Practika. Good old mechanics will win in the end!

Sock Monty said...

I love the rock concert and the origami monkey! Wonderful!