Saturday, June 17, 2006


example 1: Wahid Gardizi's steel like abs.

example 2: Annik Naylor's fit body.

As someone that might be new to FAME, the fitness and model expo, one might have the misconceptions that all the people that attend have to be statuesque, have abs of steel, be able to break you (like a twig), and be stuck up ego maniacs.

Sure a lot of the attendees are fit and good looking (see above examples 1 and 2), it is a fitness expo after all, but something that I found as a nice surprise was that the people I talked to were also a very friendly bunch with a positive attitude that's instantly contagious.

Larry Vinette and the fuzzy slippers

I talked to Larry Vinette the 2005 FAME Muscle Professional World Champion. When meeting him I didn't know who he was. At the time he was in nothing but a pair of shorts and big fuzzy slippers and was getting a tan at the Arizona Tan booth. Just the fuzzy slippers alone made a picture worthy subject.

I found out later that Larry was wearing the FAME mascot costume earlier hence the fuzzy feet. After posing for me he shook my hand stating that he really loved the pictures that we photographers take and to keep up the good work. It's nice get that pat on the back every now and then.

During a pause between competition events FlirtyGirl Fitness had a demonstration on stage with two attractive ladies, Katie and Daina, doing some pole dancing. Yes, it's a work out. Yes, it takes coordination. Yes, it's sexy. If I smoked, after their demo, I would have smoked a pack.

Katie demonstrates on stage for Flirty Girl Fitness

Katie, Kerry and Daina of Flirty Girl Fitness.

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