Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Family Visitor

Cousin Dave

Anyone that knows me probably also knows that I'm not that close to the family like some other people are. I don't visit my parents on a weekly basis and I can go without seeing them for months (and yes they live in the same city). It may seem odd to outsiders but it is our way. I don't think I keep in touch with any relatives for the most part.

So it may seem bizzare that my cousin Dave is going to be visiting for a while as he sorts out his apartment status. Since my apartment is really only large enough for me. Having my cousin around makes it cramped. That said. It's actually nice to have family around. Especially someone you haven't seen for years. For one thing it forces you to clean. Not just to impress the other person or convince them that you don't live in a dive but just so it's easier to find things. Especially if someone else living there is moving stuff around.

I admit I've been doing my laundry more frequently where now my clean piles of clothing out number the dirty piles. So okay maybe I was living in a dive. It's amazing how much one can let themselves go if left unchecked.

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