Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Monster Records... Go there now

Roger Costa at Monster Records demonstrates the keen use of my P-2000.

On my way to a photo store just off of Yonge on Charles I stopped by my favorite store, Monster Records, for all my memorabilia shopping needs. There is this fad that is going around where people take pictures of what's behind their computer monitors then place that picture as their desktop. They then take a photo of their computer with the "invisible" screen. Rather geeky and probably done with a lot of time on one's hands. Some pictures I've seen are quite elaborate using multiple overlapping screens. For better examples go here.

We tried doing a similar thing with Roger and my epson P-2000. Although the line up is quite a bit off it was still fun to do.

Imaged Text at the York Quay centre on until november 6th.

Later on (after the photo store) I made my way down to the harbourfront. There, at one of the art gallaries, they had some comic book art on display. I didn't really have enough time to check it out so I'll have to go back. I was trying to get to the bird sanctuary before the sun went down on todays already dark cloudy day. As it turned out the bird park was empty and the pond that used to run through it has dried up.

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