Saturday, October 08, 2005

Park it.

A wild rock pigeon eats a bagel.

After the traditional weekend dim sum outing Michelle and I decided to see the Wallace and Gromit movie, Curse of the Were Rabbit, at the Paramount. We had some time to kill while waiting for Marc to show up. The movie didn't start until 5:30. We found ourselves at the Paramount shortly after 2:00. Michelle ended up at the nearby Chapters bookstore and I made a bee line for the local variety store, bought some bagels and headed for the park.

Lighting was pretty good so I figured I'd take out the 105mm lens for a test run. I parked myself in Grange park and had a bunch of pigeons well placed using bagel crumbs and was just about to take a picture when a dog came by and ate all the bread. The owner was oblivious. The dog could have attacked some small children and I'm sure the owner wouldn't have noticed. It was then that the happy, full of energy, fat dog ran across the park to some kids and started humping them. One of the kids started crying. The other looked puzzled. It took the parent of the kids to call attention to the owner to put a halt to the dog's actions.

To climb the tree, to not climb the tree?

Once the dog and owner disappeared out of the park I went over to a shady area where there were pigeons in hordes. I stretched out on the grass aiming my camera at them. For some reason a bunch of squirrels started coming toward me. It was like I had peanut butter on me or something. While aiming my lens at the squirrel next to the tree, see above, another squirrel ran and jumped over my lens! They were like furry raptors. One gets your attention while others perform circus acts around the camera. I guess there's a lesson in there some where. Maybe keeping both eyes open.

Margaret (pronouced Marg-gar-eet)

Later on after the movie, which was great by the way, I found myself walking around Bloor street. I was in the various book stores looking for some kind of graphic novel (fat comic book where the story is contained within said book - ed). I never did find any reading material so I headed toward Indigo on Bay street. It during this walk that I bumped into Margaret from soccer thursdays. After saying "hello", talking a bit about the porn festival, and saying "good bye", I eventually made my way home.

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