Friday, October 14, 2005

One person's junk is another person's trash

Beach chair or unwanted garbage

Who puts a lazy boy chair on the beach? As if we don't have enough trash to contend with. Empty bottles, cans, potato chip bags. Yeesh. C'mon people! Throw your litter where it belongs.

Back to the lighter side of blogging...

"It was this big"

"Turbo mode ON!"

You'd think with captions like these I could apply for a job doing America's funniest videos. Heck NO! Funny enough I can see at least two readers giggling. You know who you are. Since we were on a bird theme this week I thought I'd throw in some Mallard duck shots. Because ducks are funny looking and because I happened to take a bunch of photos of some on the beach today. Look at that duck in front. He's like a hydrofoil.

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