Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Photo Novels

A one page attempt at a photo novel I started a few years ago.

Darryl is creating a small zine based on the hard liquor and porn theme. So as a submission I thought I'd create a small comic strip, much like the one you see above, only with better photography.

Photo comics are not a new thing. They seemed to be a fad while I was growing up. Then they just died off as quickly as they became popular. I had a number of books as a kid but lost them somewhere down the road.

Recently, within the last two years, I managed to pick up the StarTrek, "Devil in the Dark", novel from Monster Records. At about the same time I got inspired to create the page above. I seem to remember it being time consuming. Not just taking the photos and putting balloons on them but to also hunt for the other pictures.

The photo of Toronto was a picture that I took looking out the window of a plane while flying to the States. It's total luck that I happened to get a window seat on the proper side of the plane. The light bulb above Darryl's head was actually a picture I took way before the comic. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps I thought "Some day I might need a light bulb picture" and what do you know? I did.

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