Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jubilant Essence

Anna-Lea, Photographer

At 260 Carlaw there was an open house featuring pilates and yoga classes and displaying the photography works of Anna-Lea Boeki. Comprising of a compilation of nature photographs, one of them being a creepy forest alluding to fairies and leprechauns. A photo interesting on its own but enhanced by Anna-Lea's picture taking experience as told by her. It sent shivers down my spine with that one.

Originally when I thought of leprechauns the images of Darby O'gill and the little people or the box of lucky charms came to mind. Happy, mischievous, little elves dressed in green with a pot of gold that sing and dance. It wasn't until a few years ago that leprechauns became synonymous with the gold happy, greedy, little, ugly drawf that violently killed people to get his gold back thanks to the movie series starring Warwick Davis (the same actor from Willow). Although it can't really be taken seriously, they did do a space movie after all, it still diminishes those happy childhood memories.

If you get a chance wander on down to the studio and have a look. 260 Carlaw, unit 209b. Just north of Queen street.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean "elude" (to escape from using trickery) or "allude" (to refer to indirectly)?

Hey, Darby O'Gill was a scary movie! I saw it when I was little, and the Pooka! And the Banshee! They scared me!

The leprechauns of legends weren't happy little childlike beings chasing candy, nor were they evil monsters killing for gold, but they did tend to invite people to fabulous fiddling musical parties, where you'd dance and sing all night long, and find the next morning, that you're now old and grey, and years had passed, and all your friends and family were wondering where you were...

Anonymous said...

What's with all the cute professional women on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Sam A. brought up an interesting point. Using my deductive skills of reasoning I suppose Bagelhot's interest in photography is the link that allowed him to meet Anna-Lea.

The fact that she's "cute" is probably a happy coincidence. How is it Bagelhot knows all these people from different walks of life is yet another mystery. Perhaps he has the genes of a social butterfly.