Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday is Serenity Day

The 9:40 showing at the rainbow theatre on Front and Jarvis

Since I first heard about the movie sometime last year I wanted to see Serenity. I had bought the DVD set of Firefly, the show FOX axed, and quite enjoyed it. It's well written and has interesting characters. I was hooked. When I heard there were no more shows I cursed the FOX network. A few days later I read that they were making a movie and felt a bit better.

Originally slated for a spring release I waiting in anticipation. Then in April read on the firefly website that Universal was going to release it straight to video. What?! Arg! I sent an angry email to Universal to let them know how disappointed I was. It didn't occur to me that some bastard on the website was playing an April fools joke. Yes, it was april 1st.

Luckily I wrote to Universal in a nice polite way keeping away from swearing and or comparing them to the FOX network. They wrote back saying that whatever information I received was incorrect and that they were planing to release the film in september, two days after my birthday.

Every now and then a sci-fi event happens around the time of my birthday. One year on FOX no less they played the top 10 epsiodes of Star Trek (the original series) back to back on my birthday. I taped all the episodes and watched them all in a row later that night. I think I had to get my dad to change tapes half way. VHS tapes are only 6 hours in crappy mode.

Because of Darryl's party friday night and the Wedding saturday, Sunday was the first chance I could get to see the movie. After the weekly dose of dim sum a bunch of us went down to the Paramount where we got tickets. I was disappointed at the turn out. For me it's great to be in a theatre packed with fans cheering, crying, and laughing at the movie.

I left the movie theatre wanting more but knowing that if the movie didn't do too well that would be the end of that. After a quick hike for some last minute shopping with Michelle at HMV we went our seperate ways and I ended up at City Hall trying to use my rented lens one last time before bringing it in the next day.

A common Grackle

There was a strange bird bathing in the peace fountain in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square (in front of the new city hall which is 40 years old this year). The bird book states that it was a "Common Grackle". I don't ever remember seeing this type of bird before so just how common is it? The book states that is prefers to nest in colonies but that was only only one I saw.

As the day slowly went by I later found myself at Darryl's. He hadn't seen Serentiy but was thinking of going. We ended up catching the 9:40 show later that night. It's been quite a long time since I've wanted to see a movie twice in one day. I think the last movie I saw twice in one day was "The Empire Strikes Back".


Cupcake said...

I haven't heard of this movie until your blog and you know I love Joss Whedon's work. I like to take credit for introducing you to the world of Buffy =) -- remember, it was episode titled "Hush". Anyhoo, I checked out the movie on and it got an 80% fresh rating. I'd like to see, but William and I need to set up babysitting first.

Anonymous said...

the photography makes the site. i enjoyed. thanks.