Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Out with the old in with the new

Demolition and construction

Just before meeting up with William and Sara to see Serenity for the third time, I was on my way to Amanda's to pick up a memory card left over from the wedding and give her a receipt for the lens rental I noticed a building being demolished. I've never really noticed buildings being torn down here in the city. Sure there's tons of buildings being built. Some of them quite ugly. This brings me to comment on the hodge podge of city structures being built. It's really turning into something pretty awful.

What ever happened to the cool looking structures of the 60s -70s. City Hall, the TD buildings, the CN Tower. Granted like art buildings are prone to varying personal opinion. My personal opinion is that most of the buildings being built in toronto (except for maybe Terminal one) are pretty ugly looking things where some politician or committee had a great idea then somehow that idea got cheapened somewhere along the way.

On top of that my prediction of the city becoming one big heat sync (like that metal thing on top of your computer chip) seems to becoming true. As more and more condos are being built I figure the city will go up a few degrees. The condos increase the surface area of heat emissions of the city. If people in a condo get hot in the summer they will use air conditioning to cool them off. The warm air from inside gets pushed out.

With more and more high rises being built the air in the city will get trapped or slowed down collecting the heat. Cool air coming in from lake ontario becomes heated as it goes through the city increasing temperature levels in the surrounding areas.

That's my thought for the day. Ponder at your own leisure.

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