Saturday, November 05, 2005

Autumn in Toronto

Grange Park

It's been a very color filled day today with the grey sky. As someone pointed out usually there's leaves on the trees then BAM it's winter. All the leaves have been blown off and there's just bare branches and brown goop on the ground (the leaves decomposing).

Michelle and Marc conversing.

After our weekly dim sum, this week at the Bright Pearl on Spadina avenue, Michelle, Marc and I walked on down to the Paramount to see what was playing. They ended up seeing Jarhead while I went for the CG film Chicken Little. Chicken Little was pretty flat story wise. It was pale if compared to last years hit, the Incredibles. As disappointing as it was I would like to see it again in 3D at one of the theatres in boonie land.

On the way to the theatre we stopped, or rather I stopped and started taking photos, while Marc and Michelle sat around talking and waiting. They're great friends that way. Grange Park, just south of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and just west of the Ontario College of Art and Design (see the checker board kleenex box in the top picture). Note: The Kleenex box term comes from Laer. I can't take credit for that. Although I do take credit for the "ker-plunk" sticks that the kleenex box rests on.

I took some incredible orange photos today. I might go back tomorrow before all the leaves "leaf" (ho ho) the trees.


Jenn said...

The exterior design of that building is just...wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think the legs look like "pickupsticks" which is an older, simpler game than "ker-plunk".

And yes, that building is... wrong. I graduated before construction started (thank heavens!)but I hear it's very... wrong... on the inside, too. I'm afraid to visit it...

BagelHot said...

I used to program a VIC-20. Colour would result in a syntax error. Hence the Color spelling.