Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday is Roti Day

Natasha, Gudrun, Chris, and Derek outside Island Foods

One of the nice things about having an irratic work schedule is you get a lot of free time to do things like going out to a different roti place each day for lunch. Some of the better ones are coconut grove (dundas just east of university), the caribbean roti palace (744 Bathurst, just south of bloor), and island foods (north east corner of King and Dufferin). I finished my four day roti tour at Island foods meeting my ex-roomate and friends in the TV/FILM industry during their lunch.

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uncaringbear said...

I hate you. I miss rotis so much. The last time I had one was when I was last in Toronto, about a million years ago. I've been to all three of those roti shops, and they're heaven. I wonder if it's possible to mail a roti?