Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanks for the Memory

Amanda Shear in TV watching mode

I was in the neighborhood so I decided to drop by to Amandas place to pick up a compact flash card I lent her. One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew I was stuck in front of her TV set watching a 3D show called Medium. The whole show wasn't in 3D just segments where the main character sees flashbacks of some murder taking place. There was a nice cleaver throw toward the camera that was pretty good. We didn't have any red/blue glasses so we ended up using red and blue gels from my SB-800 speedlight kit. How nerdy are we?

Not having a cable set up or even reception I have not seen any current TV shows in quite a while. So like flies to flicket I was glued to her television. I stayed and watched an episode of CSI: Miami. It was an episode where there's a gang that's motivated by a video game. They kill people, steal cash, and raid the police station because they're bored with the not-so-real console game.

Sitting in front of the television may seem easy but at Amanda's it's quite a lot of work. Especially if her two dogs think you're a walking salt lick. She has a boxer (Clancy) that gets close to you then starts licking the air about five centimeters from your face. It's quite bizzare. It's almost like the dog's licking your Kharma bubble. If such a thing exists. The other dog, is just heavy. Kind of like a giant white sausage with legs and a tongue that wants to be friendly. Amanda kept apologizing for their behaviour. Aside from the face licking, and drenching my sock, and left foot, with dog goob, I thought they were pretty entertaining.

I left with a bunch of dog hair stuck to me, the human lint and hair brush. Not a good day to wear all black. That's the price of watching TV.

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