Thursday, January 06, 2005

Day 6 - Say Cheese!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Probably from stuffing myself with food. Going to the dentist came with a restriction of not eating any food for eight hours prior to showing up at the office. I kept waking up, blogged a bit, trying to go to sleep, getting up... This continued until about 6am. I finally fell fast asleep around 8am and was waken up at 10:30 by my friend, Zee, who wanted to know if I wanted to meet him later in the evening for dinner. Since my appointment was at 1:30 I decided to get out of bed and make my way outside.

Ugh! There was snow everywhere. I trudged up to Kiri's place where I met her... I managed to rope her into going with me. If surgery was nessessary I was told to have a friend available to get me home (or at least push me into a cab to take me home). Since Kiri wasn't working until 4:30 and worked in the area of my specialists office she seemed the logic choice.

I waited in the bright white waiting room for about an hour. Why it is that all medical offices smell the same? Most of the time taken up by reading People magazine and noticing how some travel magazines have only 20 pictures of destinations and places and the rest of the magazine is filled with ads. By about 2:30 I was called into the office where I got two X-rays only to find they couldn't get the film far enough back into my mouth to take any pictures that were useful. A slightly fed up the assistant dressed in a blue smok, cheerfully walked me over to a large contraption hidden in the corner of the office (next to the coat rack). It was a full head scanner! Wowee! You put your head into a brace while bitting down on a plastic bit. An electronic arm whirrs around your head as it scans in your whole jaw. Very cool.

They then sat me down in other office where I sat for about another 40 minutes. During this time I manged to take a few (maybe 20 or 30) pictures of the jaw X-ray with my digital camera. The X-ray was a bit blurry so taking a non blurry photo was a bit of a challenge (see above).

Because my jaw has not been giving me any pain for the last two and a half weeks, I decided not to get my tooth extracted. It would have been $467. If I pulled all three remaining teeth they would have charged me somewhere around $960.00. Eeek. That is why you should always have a dental plan. The surgery would have taken about half an hour for all three. One of the side effects if the operation went sour would have been my nerve to my lip would have been severed and I would lose all feeling in my lip. Even though the dentist said it was a remote possiblity I thought of it like losing a limb and I wanted to get the heck out of there as quickly and as calmly as possible.

I did just that. Paid the $100.00 ($50 for the walk in and $50 for the X-ray), walked Kiri to the nearest food place (in this case MARS diner) and inhaled a chicken burger (sorry to all you vegetarian friends out there - if it makes you feel better most of it was breading and hardly any chicken). After walking her to the YMCA where she works, I walked down to Yonge street where I spent some time in a dollar store looking at all the valentine's day junk, then to a video game store that sold old super nintendo cartridges. After that I walked on down to Monster Records where I spent a good chunk of time talking to the owner, Roger. I interrupted a conversation he was having with some other "customer" about a script that said customer wrote. Roger looked kinda of bored. He told me the day at work had been a bit slow due to the blizzard mentioned on the radio that never showed.

Monster Records
664 Yonge street, Toronto, Ontario

I highly recommend going there if you're buying collectors toys, posters, used books, records, pins, buttons, CDs, DVDs, and even laserdiscs (from time to time). Tell em Derek sent you, then duck out of the way as Roger tries to slap you in the face. They have a model of the SHIELD ship hanging in the back from thier ceiling. It's from the tv movie where David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury (was in based on the Marvel comic - ed). I realize this is a obvious ad and I was kidding about the face slap.

Once the chatting started dying down I said "goodbye" and went over to the sushi garden resturant, met up with Zee, his wife Juley, and the oddball friend Colin. Zee and juley bought us dinner as a christmas present and probably to some degree felt sorry that I was out of work. What would I do without friends? Thanks guys... you're special indeed. :-> As for Colin... he "conveniently forgot" to go the bank machine and had only five bucks on him. I shouldn't really rib Colin as his girlfriend might be reading this... "Colin is an outstanding individual that has lent out his couch and apartment numerous times to people in need."

After going over to Colins, watching a bit of the Simpsons I made my way home where I am now posting this thing.

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