Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Our friend Dan

Dan Lee taken at the Sony Store Boxing Day 2003 next to his PIXAR creations.

I'll admit this picture is kinda blurry. But in a way that's how I remember Dan. I've only met him a couple of times. The highlight was that he would try to make me spend money cause you only live once. "It's not like you're taking it with you." he would say to me. Not like I needed more of an arm bending I'm bad enough as it is. But for the years of 2002 and 2003 on boxing day, Dan, William and I would go do the shopping thing for gadgets. For some reason his egging me on would make me determined not to buy things (unless you count a scooby doo DVD - it was the last one, I was weak). It even got to a point where he was trying to get me to buy a macintosh at half price. And I still said "no thanks".

To those of you that don't know Dan. He was one of those nice people who were genuine and very down to earth. We were friends instantly. Sci-fi, animation, and tiny gadgets were our bond. You would know him from his work at Pixar. He designed the characters for "Finding Nemo".

I found out that Dan died last Saturday (January 15th). He had been fighting lung cancer for the last few years. He was a non-smoker. I will miss him and his egging.

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