Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Spork - Utensil of the GODS

Gads, It's after 6am and I can't get to sleep. I know I'll shoot my spork. That didn't come out right... The geek related utensil was first introduced to me when Kentucky Fried Chicken was not known as KFC. Then somehow once the name changed the spork disappeared and I haven't seen one since... that is until now...

I was looking for christmas gifts a few weeks ago and stumbled across this (see above) spork. Only it's not made of cheap plastic like it's KFC predecessors, it's made of titanium!

The company that makes it is "snow peak" and I'd suppose it's for camping since it's so light. No longer do you have to think about eatting soup like a meal with a spoon or fork. Use a spork! For more trivial knowledge (probably more than you'd really want to know) about this unique eating utensil try going to

As a side note a fife (fork knife) also exists. They sell them in Hamstead, London, England along with your crepe. Mmmm crepes...

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