Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wave, Hello!

After dropping off a monitor to the production office (I still do not know if I have a job there or not), I took the Queen streetcar home. While on the streetcar I was reading a book on photographic lighting. I was so engrossed that I missed my stop and found my self at the end of the line near the water treatment plant.

I decided to get out and walk along the beach. Why not it's only -15 degrees (C). I saw some interesting ice formations I thought I'd take a picture. I stood on the shore far enough away, judging by where water was going, and picked a place to shoot. That's when the freak large wave came in. I managed to avoid most of the water which would have been up to my knees easily but my feet didn't quite make it. I was soaked with ice water from the top of my socks down. My feet felt like they were on wet sponges. The water in my shoes eventually warmed up.

Of course this didn't stop me from staying out for another hour to take more pictures and walk home.

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