Saturday, January 29, 2005

Running into a brick wall

I woke up friday morning not being able to speak. Sore throat, coughing up gunk, and a headache to boot. I've confined myself to home and bed, watching the occasional Star Trek episode while I eat chicken noodle soup.

Today, Saturday, is pretty much the same. I've been constantly tired, and my throat situation has gotten worse. It's time like this when I wonder why I never picked up sign language. Probably because no one else would get it. It feels like a finger is poking me in the eye. Will go back to sleep as reading this monitor is making my brain hurt.


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Just keep on resting. Your body is just telling you to stop with the all-nighters you've been pulling lately.

If by Monday morning your coughing and sore throat pain is not getting better, call your doctor!

-- i

UnEklund said...

I find that sex usually helps clear up those symptoms too.

swampy said...

Yeah... Me Toooo!!!!

Maybe some self lovin' will do the trick. Post if it works!!!