Friday, January 28, 2005


My maternal grandparents on December 29, 2004. We had our Christmas dinner that night.

Today I got some work on a TV show called "Tilt" as a playback operator. Just after stage one of my job description (see previous post), I got a call from my Dad saying that his father in-law had passed away last night at the hospital.

I've never been that close to my grandfather. For as long as I've known him he's never spoken english. I think part of it was to force me to learn chinese. The most chinese I know is from eating dim sum and watching movies, so not a lot.

For most of my life my grandfather lived out near Timmins, ON. So I never got to see him that much. When we did go to visit I remember going on blueberry picking trips that would last for hours. We'd bring home multiple baskets of the berries and bake a bunch of pies.

I'm not sure why he died. He went into the hospital for something a few days ago. I'm waiting on a call from my dad to see just what happened.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. But it sounds like a wonderful memory to have -- blueberry picking and then pie baking with your grandfather.

Irmina, William and Asha