Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Eightysixers

After waking from a nap (yes another one) the visit to the local job bank left me pretty tired. That coupled with waking up at an alarming 10am! (yes yes 10am isn't that early but read past posts you'll understand why). I got up and started getting my gear ready for what was supposed to be a TFP photoshoot. I need to fatten my photo portfolio so just recently I've offered my photographic services (taking pictures and buring them to CD or printing them out) in exchange for me being able to use the same photos in my portfolio to get other (paid hopefully) work. No money is exchanged. The subject gets photos that would normally cost money and the photographer gets to fatten the old portfolio. It's a win win! Btw, TFP stands for Time For Prints.

It was still early 7:30pm-ish the group didn't go on until 10:30. I ended up going out to the local "Bejing House" for dinner with one of my friends (Marc). Who seemed amazed that I could live by working in the volatile industry I'm in (the film industry). It's true. When I'm working no one sees me. When I'm not working I seem to have way too much spare time on my hands and never enough money. It's a hard industry to get out of. You get used to making lots of money in a short period of time. I guess that's relative. I used to make more more in the eighties by programming that stuff called multimedia. Mind you every program I've written doesn't work on any of the current operating systems that are out there. It's almost like I never existed (work wise). At least with TV/Movies, you can pop a DVD in and force your friends to watch while saying "I worked on that or that's what I've done with my life when you haven't sen me for months on end.". Some people might even recognize a title. Then again maybe not.

Maybe that's why people still do art on canvas or even take photos with film. It's a tactile medium that does not rely on technology being updated to keep it going. That said I realize Microsoft and others have been scanning in art and other things and digitally storing the stuff. One hard drive crash and poof. All gone. At least with books and what not you have to have a really big disaster to destroy everything. With computers all you have to do is wait until the format goes obsolete and someone forgets or selectively excludes the data from being transferred to a newer format. Note: There are actual jobs that exist that entail a person to transfer stuff off old format media and put it on some kind of newer format.

Anyways... 10:30 - The Eightysixers... playing at a local place called Sneeky Dees. I am told they are not a punk band but part of the Dwayne experience (lol). Dwayne being one of the guitarists (second from the left). Some one should note that the web site states that they are a punk band. I wonder if they know this.

I spent the time they were on stage shooting various angles, using multiple flashes. When their set was completed we went outside to take a few pictures of them in the nearby alleyway. Some one said there should be a book on taking pictures of indie bands. There should always be a picture taken of said band in an alleyway. (see above) That would be chapter one. Chapter Two would involve a diner setting. Later on you could move up to shooting the band with bikini girls... unless it's a girl band, then you'd shoot the girl band naked but hiding partially behind strategically placed items.

After a few minutes of shooting and slushing around in the what was once snow I started packing the gear and the band huddled. Upon un-huddling they gave me a wad of cash saying thanks for showing up. I tried to explain to them that this was a TFP and money wasn't supposed to be traded. Dwayne shoved the money into the palm of my hand and said "Take it.". Being unemployed I resisted the urge to say "You're not supposed to pay me" and took the money. I decided on the streetcar ride home that I'd offer to shoot another gig if they wanted to do another one for free. Or at least when I got a better camera I'd offer to do a session for free. ah... one day.

Too bad all people aren't like this.

For more info on this great band, the Eightysixers, click here.

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