Saturday, January 22, 2005

Real Early Saturday Morning

The picture above was taken last night while I was on the beaches just before the sun went down. It was a cloudless day for the most part and the sun gave off an odd yellow cast that I've never caught on film before.

4:00am, geez my clock is messed up. I just woke up. Went to sleep at midnight. It seemed to be a normal time for a person to go to sleep. I've pretty much wasted the last week working on a production for free instead of finding real work. I'll have to map out my strategy for finding work this week.

Since today is saturday I will make a list over the course of the day on how to tackle monday. In the meantime I'm going to go into my picture database and continue cataloging my images. Later on at about 6:15am I'll go down to the beach and get set up for sunrise, which occurs at 7:45am today. This time I'll bring my thermal pants and wear extra socks.

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