Sunday, January 16, 2005

You can pick your friends... why did you pick these?

The nice thing you can count on with friends... real friends, is that they don't hold back when you do something hair-brained, odd, or in this case boring. The comments from the peanut gallery are fresh and plenty of it. If they're really good friends they'll know when and how to deliver those comments. From blazing speeds of multiple bombardments to the individual one handed verbal slap in the face. The true friends know just how thick to lay it on, depending on your situation, without crossing the line of being a complete bastard who you never want anything to do with again. It's good to have these people help put things in perspective.

When I started telling the friends about the blog I'd get comments like, "...and I thought my life was boring", "now you don't even have to see him in real life.", "If you really want to get inside his head read his blog", "That's ten minutes I'll never get back". It's comments like these that help make this blog better and possibly more interesting.

That's one of the great things about blogs. They don't have to rely on ratings or even an audience to be posted. Just some individual with a bit of time and the gift of blabbing into an open space. That's why I can continue to keep writing and posting what I want despite the barage of comments, knowing that if they're reading this blog then it's interesting enough.

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