Thursday, January 20, 2005

Night of the Living Dead

Gads! It's about 2am. After doing all the beach walking around, I got home and fell asleep, the logic being I would wake up early to reinstall my "loaner" computer so I could use it on the job the next day. Only I went to sleep around 8pm.

My "loaner" computer is a HP celeron PC that I purchased a few years ago pretty cheap. Since buying it, it has been nothing but headaches. Putting more memory into it was a pain in the ass. I had to remove the hard drives and floppy disk to get in there. The floppy drive never worked, the CD drive died and had to be replaced.

For doing your basic officey stuff, word processing, spreadsheet and internet type stuff the computer worked fine but because my demands on a typical computer have always been high this computer didn't last very long. Originally I bought it as a renderer when I was playing around with Animation Master. Eventually the computer was replaced.

This allowed me to lend out the computer or bring it to a production office and let it sit there for use when I needed it. As I haven't been doing freelance work in a while and the previous company I used to work for supplied computers it meant the HP was available to lend out to computerless souls.

In this case the victim was/is a massuse friend of mine. I would label her as normal. She's proficient enough to use the computer, save programs, know how to double click icons to start programs, and has a real non-computer life. She could go on without using a computer for probably weeks if not months. It surprised me too, knowing that there are still people out there.

She decided she didn't require the use of the computer anymore and gave it back. I started to backup whatever she had on it to CD and wipe the drive. Standard procedure. It took over 10 minutes to boot up. I was greeted by MSN and a whole lot of other crap running in the background. While I'm typing this post in the background I've got the recovery CDs running on the HP reformatting the drive and re-installing the basic software.

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