Monday, January 31, 2005

Brainwashing resurfacing

A pack of candy that tastes very artificial. One wonders if these were snuck into the country bypassing health and food safety regulations.

For some reason, I'm not sure why. It could be the cough syrup I'm taking or maybe just calling up Darryl (and him mentioning the chirpa chirpa song), but all day I've been haunted with old commercial tunes and songs from my childhood. The brainwashing of the 70s has, all of the sudden, risen from the deep dark layers of my psyche and penetrated my awakened consciousness. So in the goodness of sharing here are some of the diddys... at least the parts I remember.

The world looks mighty good to me,
Cause tootsie rolls are all I see
Whatever it is I think I see,
Becomes a tootsie roll to me.

Hershey is...
That something special no matter where you are.
Anytime you want delicious chocolate,
There's no need to go looking very far.
Hershey is the great American chocolate bar

When you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last...
do you suck them very slowly or crunch them really fast.
Eat the candy coated chocolate but tell me when I ask,
When you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last.

Some times you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you don't.
Almond Joy's got nuts.
Mounds don't....

Hey Mister Owl. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
{lick} one. {lick} two. {crunch} three. Three.

And here's one that only certain brain washed canadians will get...

Come lift your voice and lend your harmony and we can sing this song together,
From the east and west join the melody that's strong...
Oh Canada... you're just one song...

It's a diddy that came from a board game that we got from the government in around grade one (when I was a kid). The board game was about the size of a 12 inch record cover but thicker. I think it was blue with a green parrot on it. It contained the board game, a comic book of some sort, and a floppy plastic record (something that you may have seen in a MAD magazine), maybe some french english papers of some sort. I seem to remember the characters in the comicbook flying around Canada in a vehicle made out of a bathtub.

Okay I know this sounds pretty crazy but I am sick after all. Maybe it's just part of some vivid dream in my sickened state.


Olivia Meiring said...

In between class and in between play
Nestle cheesespread makes our day
Rich and creamy it's a dream
The Nestle cheesespread in betweeen!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember that record.... if you type in "I come from le Grand Nord" in Google, you can get all the lyrics to Bonjour mon ami, how are you my friend. Also remember Come lift your voice, but I can't remember the other two songs... Heather

Anonymous said...

I've got the game!! It's called: Oh! Canada" and was distributed by the "Commissioner of Official Languages, Ottawa," in 1975 to Canadian children across Canada to promote bilingualism. It's about 16" x 12" and is blue and white with a yellow circle near the top and a green parrot (called "Alphonse")

The game consists of a map of Canada with various points along the way that you spin the dial for and answer questions in French or English (there are four levels of difficulty.) The first one to make it all the way around the map wins. It's a fun game to play. It comes with a comic book about "Lise" and how she takes her cousins Michel (Quebec), Jamie (Alberta), and Hildie (Manitoba) all across Canada in her uncle's "Popmobile" (a kind of flying bathtub on wheels!!) Along the way they visit various scenic attractions across Canada and, of course, speak both English and French to each other.

The other publication is an activity book, with crossword puzzles and games, connect-the-dots, etc, to help with French instruction (my version). The book contains the lyrics to all four songs contained on the floppy plastic record that also comes with the game. The songs are: "Just One Song", "Bons Amis/Good Friends", "Dans Mon Pays", and "Bonjour, My Friend".

I played it quite a bit and almost wore out the plastic record, but 32 years later the songs still lingered in my mind. Hope I helped to refresh the memory of all you "70's" kids out there who remember this bilingual game! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an American, but I had that game and record, too. My dad must have brought it home for me on one of his many business trips to Canada back then.

For some strange reason, the lyrics to Come Lift Your Voice always seemed to stick in my brain. Glad to see I'm not alone. :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember this song too. I had relatives that lived in Canada and we went to visit one or two summers. I would love to get that song in MP3 format...Good Times

Bookwater said...

That song has been in my head for over 30 years, Thanks for helping me remember how it got there. I was in grade 4 or 5 when I received that game. I had 3 sisters in elementary school and 1 brother a grade above me and we all had our own game. Wow what memories...

dree said...

I've been googling this all night, hoping to find an mp3. I remember I liked the French songs way better than the English ones.

"Dans mon pays, il y a des oiseaux, des petits et des gros..."

ahoyle74 said...

I have no idea what happened to the kit but I have fond memories of using it in school and listening to the record at home. I still sing these songs (to myself) and not just when I'm sick. I really wish that I had kept the kit...thanks for the video. PS. I was shocked to read that it came out in 1975, we used it in 1986 or 87.

RC said...

Check out all the songs for yourselves playing on the flexi disc

Tom said...

I got one of those board games too, probably in grade 5 or 6 and the "Just One Song" song has been stuck in my brain since then... thanks RC for the link to the playback. I didn't remember the other songs, nor the board game so much. But the game package was sturdy enough to be my lap desk throughout all my student years. I don't have it anymore, but thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

Those two songs have been in my head forever!!!
And thanks, now I remember the game too!
Is there anywhere that this is recorded?