Sunday, January 09, 2005

Employer RANT

A few of my friends were recently laid off as full time employees. They all worked at the same company. They were all not given any notice or severance pay. Unless you count Christmas vaction as severance. They were still not notified that they would be unemployed until the day they were let go. Is this legal?

This seems pretty crappy to me and makes me furious. Bad employer, bad.

Anyone reading this post please post a story about a good employer experience. That would make me feel a bit better knowing the world isn't being walmartified with employers and companys treating their employees as crap just to save a buck.


Anonymous said...

My boss once gave me three weeks off with pay. This was after I had already exhusted my set number of days off for the year. He told me I was a great "resource" and wanted me to stick around. I did for the following five years. I left the company when he retired.

Dear Bagelhot, the world may be filling up with "crap" but there's still pockets of good out there. Be content that God will punish those that punish others.

Chuck B.

BagelHot said...

Thanks to Marc, here's a link to the official rules of Ontario employment.

uncaringbear said...

My old employer bought me lots of gifts before I got married, which was very generous. There really are good and decent employers out there, but they're the minority. My current employer gave my a $150 gift voucher as a X-Mas bonus, which was nice.