Saturday, July 04, 2009

CHIN 2009

The Girls of Glam car wash

Spent today at the CHIN picnic with photographer friends Simon and James. Simon being the international fitness photographer that he is knew some of the contestants. He also knew about some car wash that had girls in bikinis.

Twisting our arms and fighting every inch of the way we succumbed and went to see these scantily clad women. (I'm being really sarcastic here) Well it was early in the morning. Early for me any way. Like 10am. I was feeling tired from not sleeping much the night before. Luckily there was a Tim Horton's near the car wash (located at Leslie and Lakeshore). It's there that I picked up a breakfast sandwich egg sausage combo on a bun.

An Elite dancer for the Sole power band

The usual photographers were at the picnic. These are the same ones that photograph the fashion circuit. It's nice to see familiar faces in the photo area. A) because you know how they'll photograph, B) there's power in numbers (ie. If we need to get someone down front to sit down it's more effective to have a crowd of photographers ask then a single one).

Nelly (contestant #10)

To be honest I really hate photographing these things. Mainly due to the lack of photographer etiquette. The photographers down front will stand causing a chain reaction behind them. So if you're shooting from the back you have to be standing on something to see and even if you do chances are you're not seeing any of the contestants feet because so-and-so's head is in the way.

One guy in front was standing and not even taking photos. Can we say human wall here? Have some consideration for your fellow photographers damn it!

Sara (contestant #19)

The bikinis were designed by SXE FX. Should you be interested in seeing more bikini selections by the same designer check out the site (

Kaitlyn (contestant #3) and winner of miss CHIN bikini

As a side note: This was the first year the bikini winners had a police escort around the CNE grounds.

The army guards the winner, and the 1st and 2nd runners up from the group of photgraphers.

This also is the first time in over 20 years that I actually got a bit of a sun burn.

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