Wednesday, July 15, 2009

King's Cafe to return Ted's book

King's Cafe: teriyaki mushroom cutlet combo

I ended up at King's Cafe (192 Augusta ave.) to meet up with Ted. The primary reason was to return his book. Unfortunately, the time spent at Ian's and waiting for the TTC's Queen streetcar (40 minutes) made me have to make a decision to get the book and be late or be on time without the book. The book was on a shelf back at my apartment.

I opted to go directly to meet up with Ted. I was five minutes early.

It's been a while since eating at King's Cafe and I noticed the menus as well as the restaurant's floor plan had changed since I was last there. There are now combo meals that are served in bento boxes allowing the eater to have a little bit from an assortment of traditionally larger dishes. Previously you had to order the food and share or be able to eat all of it yourself. I suppose taking food away could have worked as well. The introduction of the combo dishes changes all that.

I ordered the teriyaki mushroom cutlet combo (see above). It came with soup, a veggie spring roll, purple rice, salad, and two nugget like things (also veggie). I also ordered an avacado milkshake. The food was fab.

I highly recommend the mushroom cutlets, either in the combo or as a separate dish. It's a great dish even if you put your nose up at vegetarian meals. Try it cause you don't know what you're missing.

Ted, bookless

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