Thursday, July 23, 2009

too... much... chicken

Dave, sushi, and chicken

Bagelhot dining tip:

If you're ever at an all you can eat place where you order items on a piece of paper, always use values of 2 or less when ordering separate items.

My cousin Dave and I went to an all you call eat sushi buffet for dinner. Dave had written down a 6 next to the fried chicken entry. We thought we'd get 6 pieces of chicken. After all, we wanted fried tofu, wrote down a 3, and got three pieces of tofu. Instead a large plate sporting a large mound of chicken landed on our table. It was large enough for Fred Flintstone "Did we order that?" I asked. I thought they messed up my chicken teriyaki. There was no sauce on it. "Wow, that portion is huge!" was my next comment.

But no, there were six orders of fried chicken all crammed onto one plate. I got full just looking at it. It wouldn't have been so bad had that been the only plate we had to eat but it was surrounded by an army's ration of other food.

Normally if we didn't eat the food we could just take it home and eat it later. This was an "all you can eat place" and because of that we would have to pay extra for the food not eaten. The cheap gene kicked in and we managed to polish off the copious amount of chicken and the rest of the sushi.

The last piece of sushi pizza might as well have been the size of a pork roast. Eating it was just painful. It took me what seemed like 10 minutes eating the small pie shaped wedge.

I wanted to lie down to digest the food. The loosening of the belt, a logical plan of action, which would usually make one feel better didn't help. I was already wearing loose clothing. I was so stuffed I could feel the food pushing out my spinal cord. I had reached maximum capacity. I had become a human weeble. At least I felt like one. Where the heck was the wheelbarrow? I wobbled getting up. Sleep would be good and no chicken... at least not for a month.


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

This looks gooooooooood!

Anonymous said...

it WAS good...

so good, in fact, that i didn't eat anything but a few spoons of yogurt THE ENTIRE NEXT DAY!

mmmm, chitlin'