Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hamilton Harlots VS Cincinnati Silent Lambs

Harlots' fans

The second game of the Hamilton double header was the Hamilton Harlots versus the Cincinnati Silent Lambs. The game was pretty close throughout with a consistent 15-20 point spread favouring the Harlots. The Harlots scored 24 points before Cincinnati put points on the board.
"Some nice wiggle room" - Danger mouse (bench manager)

Hamilton Harlots 80
Cincinnati Silent Lambs 55

Dicey (905) evades a block by Nik Jagger (94)

Perky Set (pi)

The Cincinnati bench

Vicadoom (888) jams against Miss Print (9.5)

The Librarian (739.27 T213E) with cow bell

"Where's the pack?"

The Harlots' bench

Mason, announcer for the Hammer City Roller Girls with Sadistic Sadie for Cincinnati.

Nik Jagger (94) breaks through the Harlots' pack.

Judge Jody (67) waits in the penalty box

BitchSlap Barbie (98) blocks Jungle Lacy (83)

What's with the Bugatti poster anyway?

Miss Print (9.5), Jammer

Crazy trumpet fan and friend

Dicey avoids block but results in a slide into the floor.

JungleLacy(83), jammer, follows NikJagger(94) as she cuts through the pack (again)

Bench manager, Danger Mouse, tells the pack to speed up

Why are they pointing at Vicadoom?

Carla Coma wins lead jammer to slow down Miss Print and eat up time on the clock

Chainsaw (NC-17) gives a victory punch

Jett Girl (15) greets fan during victory lap

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