Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Imants Day

"Happy Imants Day!"

There are some countries where you celebrate your name day as opposed to your birthday. I'm not sure who assigns what day to what name but today was Imants day (according to the Latvian calendar). Not like we needed a specific reason for a barbecue party, "The day ends in a 'Y', Yay!!!" could have been just as fun. The fact that a country had specifically created an Imants day and that we have a friend named Imants... well, who are we to ask questions? Party on!

We left the TORD venue to motor on down to Candy's backyard where the Imants Day celebrations were taking place. Some barbecued food, fireworks, music, an official Imants flag, and a couple of fruit hungry raccoons thrown in for good measure.

There is a bit of rain.

Candy slaves over the barbecue being a great host

"Woo hoo! 100! 100 what?"

Melon bowling with glass beer bottles

Raccoon looking for melon

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