Saturday, July 18, 2009

Death Row Dames VS Roc City

Danger Mouse (14) warming up

The first game in today's double header was the Death Row Dames VS The Roc City Roller Derby. A quick summary... The Dames borrowed two skaters from Tri-City, Ginsane Bruiser and Ivana Piranha but the real news was seeing Danger Mouse, formally of the Hamilton Harlots and the travel team, take the track. This would be the first game since being injured back in October 2007 when the HCRG travel team played the New Jersey She-Devils.

Death Row Dames 58
ROC City 119

Grief Eriksson, penalty box timer

Resident Eva (99) leads the ROC City roller derby girls onto the track

Ginsane Bruiser

Danger Mouse makes her comeback to the track showing off her sparkly panties

Little Mean Mama fan, Beth, holds up her card.

more Dame fans

Got to love the "Woo!" sign

the other side of the shirt

Cindy Lou Black 'n' Blue (-2), new player?, and Ivana Piranha.

Cindy Lou Black 'n' Blue (-2) as jammer

Danger Mouse waits on the bench

Little Mean Mama (0)

Paraliza Minelli (15) takes lead jammer position

JoJo Thrasher (800) makes sitting in the penalty box look good

The Dames attempt to block the ROC city jammer Thea Pocalypse(777)

Thea Pocalypse(777) does a banana peel fall... ouch!

Anita ConCussHer (308 ) in the box

Cut Off (706) attempts to clear a path for Anita, the Dames jammer

Asa Clubs (911) of the ROC city roller derby girls

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