Friday, July 31, 2009

The Black and Blue Ball 2009

Coast is clear, time for a beer

Enjoying the buffet in the flamingo hotel

The black and blue ball took place at the Flamingo pool this year and while it's a fun event where people dress up I've wondered why it ends at midnight. It seems so early for a vegas event and these are roller girls after all.

Could I get in wearing my tuxedo printed t-shirt? I had left my tripod at home so I could pack dress shoes. I didn't have any room left with all my camera gear to throw in a jacket and I didn't want my cashmere jacket getting crushed.

Plus it is hot in Las Vegas, it is a desert after all, and wearing a jacket with a bunch of camera gear equals sweaty, crumpled, uncomfortable clothing. Hence the tuxedo t-shirt. It's definite cheese goes with Las Vegas and it's not something I wear on the street everyday. (no street clothing was one of the party regulations).

In the end managed to get in passing the strict dress code, yay, and got to take some fun photos. Thank goodness I had the T-shirt idea because it was hot. Some of the trees were equipped with misters, that is they sprayed water into the air and on you if you were nearby. This created a humid environment that the camera lens didn't like very much.

Fanny packtastic!

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