Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Season begins

The dance with chairs. Almost lifted the groom into the ceiling fan.

Summer. Summer brings on weddings. Weddings bring on people asking if I photograph weddings. Funny that.

I don't outright advertise that I photograph weddings but I seem to be getting a lot of enquiries. I actually enjoy shooting weddings. It's a happy occasion, there's dancing, there's food and there's the potential to make a bit of cash. On top of that there's the multitude of photographic gems available the whole day.

Inside the lobby of the Royal York hotel

Today was such a day. I photographed the preparation (bride), wedding, and reception. People kept asking if I was okay or having fun. Me having fun? I'm always having fun behind the camera. One of the reasons for choosing photography as a profession in the first place.

A nurse once told me that life's too short do work at something that you hate or, in my case at the time, gives you stress (leading to acid reflux and a steady prescription of lo sac). She was right. Work that you love to do is never really work.

That said, my uncle Jack told me that "You should always have a hobby separate from what you do for a living". It seems that my hobbies have always turned into what I do for a living. I'm pretty fortunate that way.

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