Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Fat Burrito

Chicken Burrito at Big Fat Burrito

It should be known that before one takes their computer (or in this case laptop) in for repairs one should do as much as possible to back up any data that's on the computer. This way A) the service center can do whatever they want to the computer without you losing data, B) they can't take your data for the use of bad things like identity theft, C) your data doesn't end up on the internet without you knowing about it (like that photo of you drunk at that wedding standing in the washroom with one foot in the toilet - yeah you know what I'm talking about). If that photo makes it to the internet you should get full credit for putting it there not someone else.

The process of back up can be long and tedious. My computer went down a week ago. It's taken me this long to find the time to go to assess what's gone on and visit a computer store. Specifically to get backup drives, memory and other things to swap into the laptop just to make sure everything I can do to fix it or narrow down the problem.

Computer repair places usually charge by the hour and if they don't it's easier for them to know if the memory is bad than just dropping the computer in their laps saying something is wrong.

My visit to Canada Computers was quick. I picked up some replacement parts and went to look for food. I ended up at Big Fat Burrito, picked up a large chicken burrito, then bumped into Nikki from the Death Track Dolls.

Nikki from ToRDs Death Track Dolls

A bumper sticker that made me laugh

After eating the burrito I returned home to spend the rest of the day working on the laptop.

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