Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Drop off

Roger with his crazy macro lens camera

I finished backing up the laptop and brought it into the Computer Systems Center. It's wasn't my first choice as far as computer stores go as they've done some pretty bad things to me in the past. However they were the only Toshiba authorized repair shop in the city that I could find. (Note: searching the Toshiba online database does not bring up the store - I should have took this as a hint not to bring my laptop there)

My guy behind the desk who took my computer seemed okay. In fact better than okay. After listening to my description of the problem he figured it was possibly a combination of dust build up and the heat of the room that messed up the computer. Since the computer still booted and worked for about 20 minutes he deduced that it was a heat issue. Made sense to me.

I left the computer, much like a parent leaves their toddler at day care for the first time, thinking that the laptop is in good hands and I shouldn't worry.

I wandered over to Monster Records to say "Hi" to Roger.

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